The British Sub-Aqua Club or BSAC has been recognised since 1954 by UK Sport as the national governing body of recreational diving in the United Kingdom.

At Dive With Jimmy we offer courses from the Diver Training Programme, Skill Development Courses and Technical Courses, click on the links below to find the course for you.

Skill Development Courses (SDCs)

Club Diving Courses

Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP)

Buoyancy & Trim Workshop

Compressor Operator

Dive Management & Planning

Dry Suit Diving

Marine Life Appreciation (coming soon)

Nitrox Workshop

Twinset Diver

Wreck Appreciation

Wreck Diving

Advanced Wreck Diver

Safety and Rescue Courses

Oxygen Administration

Practical Rescue Management (PRM)

RNLI Diver Sea Survival Workshop

Special Interest Courses

Beachcomber (Children's Non Diving Course) (coming soon)

Beach Snapper (Children's Non Diving Course) (coming soon)

Underwater Surveyor (coming soon)

Underwater Photography

Technical Diving Courses (coming soon)

Sports Mixed Gas (50m) (coming soon)

Explorer Mixed Gas (60m) (coming soon)

CCR MOD 1 (40/45m) (coming soon) - AP

CCR MOD 1 Top Up (45m) (coming soon) - AP

CCR MOD 2 (60m) (coming soon)

BSAC Diver Training Progression Chart

If you are unsure of where to go, please do no hesitate to contact and we can talk through the different pathways and provide you with the advice to get you to your scuba diving goals.