Accelerated Decompression Procedures

Accelerated Decompression Procedures (ADP) introduces a qualified Nitrox diver to the use of oxygen-rich decompression mixes to achieve optimum off-gassing at deco stops, and promotes self-reliance within buddy diving.

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £300500 when combined with Twinset, £600 for our Tech Starter package including ADP, Twinset and Buoyancy & Trim) 


Minimum Age - 18

Certification Prerequisites - Sports Diver (or equivalent), completed 20 dives since Sports Diver (excluding training) and Buoyancy & Trim to Gold standard (± 0.5m)

Academic Sessions - 2 days

Pool/Confined Water Sessions - 1 (Combined & Tech Starter = 2)

Open Water Dives - 2 (Combined & Tech Starter = 4)

Maximum Depth - 40m

What's included - All learning materials, instructor time and instructor breathing gases.

Extra costs - Open Water Site entry and Consumables (e.g. Gas and Sofnolime - 15% discount on current gas prices).

Rental kit is available for the course but for maximum benefit, we recommend configuring your own equipment.

Or contact us to pay a deposit