Cylinder Fills

At Dive With Jimmy we are don't just fill Scuba Diving cylinders, we can fill your PCP Air Rifle cylinders and Airsoft cylinders all at reasonable and competitive prices. 

Contact us today to get your cylinders filled ready for your next adventure.

Air Offer

Single Cylinder (up to 15L/T7) - 12 fills for £55

Twinsets/300 Bar (inc. T7s) - 12 fills for £80

300 Bar Twinset (10s/12s) - 12 fills for £100

Oxygen and Trimix Fills

We only charge for the gas we give you:

Oxygen - 2.25p per litre*

Helium - 5p per litre*

Plus an Air Top Up charge (if required)

You will only be charged for the gas you are given plus air top, we do not charge for gas you bring us. 

You must provide a dive certifaction for the gas you are requesting. 

Before leaving the site, please analyse and record your mix on the gas log. Any discrepencies must be raised at point of sale.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

PCP Air RIfle Fills

Please contact us for PCP Air Rifle fills.

Air Soft Fills

Please contact us for Air Soft fills.