Try Tech Diving (Twinset)

Intro to Twinset is for anyone who fancies a try at using a twinset and see the benefits it has to offer, whether that is to extend your dive time or taking your first step into the world of technical diving.

Twinsets have benefits for recreational and technical divers alike.

Whether you are just looking to try it or looking to move forward with the XR Foundations Course we will teach you the basics of how to set up your twinset and using it under water.

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £100


Minimum Age - 18

Certification Prerequisites - Open Water Diver

Minimum Logged Dives - 12

Academic Sessions - Online learning

Pool/Confined Water Sessions - 1 day

Open Water Dives - 2

Maximum Depth - 30m (18m for 12 to 14 year olds / 12m for 10 to 11 year olds)

Suggested Duration - 5 to 10 hours

What's included - Learning materials, intructor time.

Extra costs - Open Water site entry.

Or contact us to pay a deposit