Try CCR Diving

Silent Serenity: Dive into the World of CCR Diving.

Experience the extraordinary with Try CCR Diving, your gateway to a mesmerising silent underwater realm. This programme offers a captivating introduction to closed-circuit rebreathers, allowing you to explore the depths in perfect tranquility, without disrupting the serene marine ecosystem. With Try CCR Diving, you will leave behind the noisy bubbles and embrace a world of hushed wonder. Dive into the silence and let the ocean’s secrets unfold around you. Your silent adventure awaits.

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £100


Minimum Age - 18

Certification Prerequisites - Open Water Diver (or equivalent)

Minimum Logged Dives - 12

Academic Sessions - Online session

Open Water Dives - 1 day

Maximum Training Depth - 6m

Suggested Duration - 4 to 6 hours

Available on the AP Diving Inspiration CCR

What's included - Learning materials, instructor time, equipment hire, gases and consumables.

Extra costs - Open Water Site entry.

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