CCR Extended Range

The SSI CCR Extended Range Trimix programme builds upon skills and techniques learned as a basic rebreather diver by increasing depth, duration, introducing decompression, and adding more complex skills. Training is available using the AP Inspiration CCR. SSI has developed this unit-specific programme to use trimix as the breathing gas to reduce gas density and increase diver safety. 

Your CCR Extended Range Trimix certification qualifies you to conduct decompression dives to a maximum depth of up to 45 metres using a trimix diluent. Take your diving to the next level with the exciting world of rebreathers. 

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £650 (Upgrade from CCR Diving or Upgrade from Air to Trimix diluent from £250)

This course can be competed to 40m (using air diluent) or 45m (using trimix diluent).


Minimum Age - 18

Certification Prerequisites - 

Option One

30 extended range dives with decompression, Enriched Air Nitrox 40, Deep Diving and Extended Range Nitrox Diving (or equivalent)

Option Two

30 CCR hours on applicable unit and CCR Diving

Academic Sessions - 1 day

Pool/Confined Water Sessions - 1

Open Water Dives - 6 (totalling 480 minutes)

Maximum Training Depth - 45m

Suggested Duration - 40 hours

What's included - All learning materials, instructor time and instructor breathing gases.

Extra costs - Open Water Site entry and consumables (e.g. Gas and Sofnolime - 15% discount on current gas prices).

Rental kit is available for the course but for maximum benefit, we recommend configuring your own equipment.

Or contact us to pay a deposit