CCR Diving

The SSI CCR Diving program introduces you to the concepts of self-sufficiency and redundancy when diving with a closed-circuit rebreather (CCR). Learn all you need to go no-decompression diving to a maximum depth of 30 metres using the AP Inspiration rebreather. 

Become completely self-sufficient with SSI’s unique training techniques and rebreather diving skills. In this SSI rebreather course, you will learn rebreather dive planning, in-water skills, problem-solving techniques, and emergency scenario management. With this thorough introduction to rebreather technology, you will become comfortable with pre-dive checks, dive planning, assembly of rebreathers, and how to deal with potential failures. 

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £550


Minimum Age - 18

Certification Prerequisites - Open Water, Enriched Air Nitrox and Deep Diving (or equivalent)

Minimum Logged Dives - 24 

Academic Sessions - 1 day

Pool/Confined Water Sessions - 1

Open Water Dives - 6 (totalling 480 minutes)

Maximum Training Depth - 30m

Suggested Duration - 40 hours

What's included - All learning materials, instructor time and instructor breathing gases.

Extra costs - Open Water site entry and consumables (e.g. Gas and Sofnolime - 15% discount on current gas prices).

Rental kit is available for the course but for maximum benefit, we recommend configuring your own equipment.

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