Advanced Adventurer

If you cannot decide which specialty programmes are the best choice for you, join the SSI Advanced Adventurer programme! With this programme, you can try a variety of specialties before committing to full specialty programmes. It is a great way to experience what advanced diver training is all about and how valuable it can be to your diving adventures. During the Advanced Adventurer Programme, you will try out 5 different specialties. You will complete one open water training dive per specialty after a comprehensive briefing with your SSI Instructor. With this trial programme in specialty diving, you will have total freedom to explore. You can complete the full speciality programmes any time in the future and credit your Advanced Adventurer training towards them.

Facts and Training Standards

Price - £450


Minimum Age - 10

Certification Prerequisites - Open Water (or equivalent) 

Academic Sessions - Online Programme

Pool/Confined Water Sessions - 10 hours

Open Water Dives - 4

Maximum Depth - 30m

Maximum depth limit for 12-14 year olds - 18m (21m for Deep Diving Adventure Dive)

Maximum depth limit for 10-11 year olds - 12m

Suggested Duration - 10 to 15 hours

What's included - All learning materials, equipment hire, instructor time and breathing gases.

Extra costs - Open Water site entry.

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